Monday, 27 June 2011

DVD cover

The film has been completed and sent off to BFI. Here is the DVD cover I included in the DVD jewel case. Yes, I know it's not perfect but it was a rush job, best I could do in half an hour.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Photos from Shooting Schedule 2

These are some photos from our second shooting schedule. As you can see we worked liked real professionals but also had fun. The locations we covered were the flat, the restaurant, the park, the college and the shopping district. These are just a few select photos from all that. 

I don't what I am doing here but it must be something funny as everybody is laughing. From my hands it looks like I am miming playing the guitar, but...there's something in my left hand...

Even actors like to pretend to be crew...

Look at John's smile..

...or here if you missed it in that shot.

Hmmm...let's do it like this...

Lace doesn't look good in a guy's bedroom...

This is a scene from our movie.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Our First Shooting Schedule

Just some photos to show you how much hard work goes into making a movie. all titles are fictional.

The hard working crew...

Just a tiny bit to the right...

Take Two..

"Slow it down, but deliver it fast..."

"Look at these colours..."

"It's one line, why can't you say it?"

And then the scripts flew away...

Remember that quote.. "Life is pain, Highness, anyone who says different is selling something." ?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Welcome to The Third Angle film blog

This blog will trace the progress of our film project "The Third Angle". In short, it's a short!

Yes, when finished it will be a short film about 15 minutes in length featuring a romantic comedy. This is a collaborative endeavour by a group of people who love doing new things and challenging themselves. Filmmaking is not only challenging but also fun. This blog will help you accompany us on this fun journey as we tackle the various challenges of making a film, without money.

Oh, did I forgot to mention that? Yes, we plan to make this film with as little money spent as possible. Why? Because we don't have big, commercial studio backing us and because it's more fun this way.

So stay with us as we post lots of photos and videos to show you how we are doing it and how it's done.