Monday, 4 June 2012

Trailer - M3 - Make More Mistakes

This is the trailer to G7's upcoming film "Make More Mistakes". The story is about a young man, Sam, who finds a device that has the power to  "undo" mistakes. The film features some interesting moments from his life as he learns to apply this new superpower to the problems in his life. What happens in the end is something he never expected, the device changes not only his life but Sam himself! 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Filmmaking is a team sport!

I say that from my personal experience. G7 Productions is a film production enterprise. But it's unlike any other film company (we think so). The fact of the matter is that it's very unlike a film studio or film production company in the way it's structured. The whole G7 Productions comes from an online group where people join in order to learn filmmaking. No, it's not an institute, it's just a group of people who are all interested in learning to make films and we do this not by sitting in class rooms and studying "the visual medium" we just go out there in real world and make films!

We have no money, there are no multi-million dollar budgets for our production. There is nobody who pays our salary. We also don't make any money from it. Then why do we do it? One word - Passion!

For reasons of our own each of us is passionate about making films. So we indulge in this hobby of ours in our spare time and make films on a budget that's practically non-existent. The films we make are usually short 3-5 minute films. For almost all films our target is to finish them and send them off to one film festival or another.

No, we are not stupid. We know that making a film on such a low budget and expect it to be selected in a prestigious film festival is almost silly. But we still do it, for two reasons.

1. Making a film with an international film festival in mind forces us not to compromise on quality and strive for excellence in each area of film production.

2. We know that with each film we finish, the quality of our output keeps getting better and the day will come when our films will be shown on the big screen as part of let's say BFI London Film Festival or Virgin Media Shorts Festival.

Filmmaking is slightly different from most hobbies. If your hobby is drawing you can simply pick up a sketch pad and start drawing. If you like to sing, all you need is a good microphone or a bathroom with the door closed. Not so with making films. You cannot make films, not high-quality ones, all by yourself. You need a crew and a cast.

Making a film, even a one-minute long film, takes a lot of organization, a lot of hard work and the sweat of the skull. This is where the group comes in. In the group we team up and work on different projects. While I have been in this group I have written scripts, worked as a cameraman, I have acted, worked as a clapperboy, and directed. Direction is my first love, I enjoy it a lot.

On the outside, it looks like the director has it all, he controls everything, he runs everything, he gets credit for the film!

The real story is slightly different! For want of a better comparison, I'd say that the director of a film is like the captain of a ship, without the support of his crew he is nothing. On a set, a director can accomplish a lot if his crew is professional and works together as a team.

Here I am using the word professional for attitude rather than being paid or unpaid. I am privileged to work with people who have this attitude, who know how to work as a team and who motivate me to do better just by doing their best in their role.

Whenever I think about it, I find it better to be working with people who turn up on the set on a Sunday morning not because it's their bread and butter but because they are passionate about it and enjoy doing it, even giving their spare time for it!

I have just finished a shoot today and I must say there is NO better feeling then saying "Pack up!" at the end of the day with a warm satisfaction in your heart that you accomplished something today working as a team towards a common goal!

Let's make some magic!